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Plan your visit

10:30A Every Sunday

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What to Expect

Dress up or down, sandals or heels. We have no expectation for how dressed up you arrive, as long as you are comfortable for worship.

Feel free to bring your covered drink with you into the service. Some download a Bible app to look up scriptures easily.

Keep your kids with you, or check them into our excellent children's ministry!

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Response Stations

We place a high value on prayer. Your prayer requests can be pinned on the cross in the worship center, or placed in the Give boxes. Quiet, reflective prayer is modeled in the lighting of candles anytime during the worship service. We are also concerned about those who are far from God and have a frame for these prayers as well.

Awake Kids

Our children are cared for during the worship service by secure, background checked, and screened volunteers. Most of our team are mothers and grandmothers themselves. However, children are always welcome in service.​

Awake Kids
1st-5th Grades

Elementary-aged kids have Bible small groups on Sundays, dismissed to their groups after the music. New families can meet the leader before service, or walk to class with their child when dismissed.

Awake Students
6th-12th Grades

​Our Middle School and Sr. High students meet at Awake on Sunday nights from 4:30p-5:45p. They play games, eat fun food, study the Word, and do a lot of activities off-site together! Friends are always welcome!

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