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What's next?

How to partner with the Awake Church family.

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The best place to find community and explore your calling as a disciple is thorugh serving! There are temporary serve roles and those needing more committment. Whether you are gifted or wanting experience, we have a place for you! 


Discipleship Groups (D-Groups) are same gender groups of 3-5 who desire to learn more what it means to follow Jesus. The Bible is the curriculum, the Holy Spirit is the guide, prayers for the lost are a priority. 

Awake Groups

Awake Groups are mixed groups of 10-12 who desire community with a purpose. All groups decide their own mission and regularly bless their neighbors and community.  

Pathway to Belong

This is a gathering to start the conversation about the goals, beliefs, and mission of Awake Church. It begins with lunch with the pastors, offered 4th Sunday of every month. 


Baptism is the outward display of an inward decision. We practice baptism of confessing believers through full immersion. It is the symbol of living out your obedience to Jesus, and should be a next step for all believers. For those who want to be baptized and have sensory issues, we are happy to host a family and friends baptism. 


Child Dedication

We celebrate a family's decision to raise their child according to God's Word with the support of the Church. Child dedication is not the same as baptism, but rather a blessing from the pastor and a promise to walk alongside the mom, dad, and grandparents in the beautiful journey called "parenting". 

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